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Miracle Mountain Ranch is a western-themed retreat center and summer camp that holds to high standards of excellence in facility, ministry, and message. As a non-profit, non-denominational organization, we are home to one of America’s largest Christian Summer Camp horse programs and offer many program activities, non-horse events, and a college-level School of Discipleship. Located in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania, we are approximately 40 miles southeast of Erie and 23 miles west of Warren, in the general vicinity of Meadville, Titusville, and Union City. For more information on our history, see our History page.

Latest Blog Updates

  • Dear Fathers and Sons
    Dear Men (Fathers and Sons), The first weekend of June, we will gather for the 9th annual Father-Son Retreat at Miracle Mountain Ranch. Once again, we plan to shoot stuff, eat stuff, and study the Bible. This rustic retreat is full of...  Read more
  • Ranch Update – March
    Fire Restoration Project We are continually amazed at just how much progress we have been able to make in the construction of the new Livery Paddock Shed, despite the winter weather. We are just days away from being able to put horses and...  Read more
  • One Mother’s Perspective on Summer Camp
    We love to highlight stories from people who have been impacted and changed by God during their experiences here at Miracle Mountain Ranch.  Recently, we received an enthusiastic letter from a parent of a Rancher who came to camp.  Here...  Read more